Eric Larson Photography

Workshop Title: The Oregon Coast with David Middleton & Brenda Berry July 17-21, 2013 -- Location: Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Biographical Information

I studied photography with John Upton at the nationally recognized Orange Coast Photography Program in the late 70s. Continuing my studies, I earned my BA in photography in the early 80s at California State University Long Beach.

I have worked for the last 25 years in broadcast TV specializing in digital media production. My nine years on the faculty of Sony Training Institute involved training in some of the pioneering efforts in digital media technology. During this tenure, I developed one of the first digital photography workshops in 1992. My career in media continued with nine years at Pinnacle Systems and Avid Technology.

Digital techniques have allowed me to expand my photographic repertoire and to explore the creative process in ways that would not be possible with film. While the tools have changed, I find continuity in the process of creative visualization. My expression photographically both represents a way of seeing the world and communicating deeply personal feelings.

The tools and craft of photography are critical to its vision. Fundamental understanding of the science of photography enables one to bring clearly to light what the mind’s eye sees in the viewfinder. Effective photographs must be technically well executed and compositionally sound, but compelling photographs have a singular perspective.

My current work explores these photographic frontiers, with a continuing interest in design and a growing interest in the photographic landscape. Ultimately, my interest is translating that visualization into fine art prints.

I am an active member of the Bay Area Photographers Collective (BAPC). You can view more of my work on flickr, or at Artspan.